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Low Temperature Solder Solutions for Defect-free Next Generation Package Designs

Low temperature solder solutions have been gaining interest in recent years as a technology enabler for next generation chip-scale package designs. Recent alloying advancements led to the development of the HRL3 alloy that significantly improves reliability over traditional tin-bismuth (SnBi)-based low temperature solder alloys. Learn more.

  • Develop understanding of distinct differences between traditional SnBi solders and next generation low temperature solders such as HRL1

  • Compare drop shock and thermal cycling data for HRL3 to baseline surface-mount technology (SMT) alloys such as SAC305

  • Detail the effect low temperature solders have on warpage induced defects such as non-wet open (NWO) or head-in-pillow (HIP)

  • Learn how low temperature solders have to potential to enable next generation package designs



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