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No-Clean, Lead-Free, Zero-Halogen Solder Paste

Widest print process window and

superior electrochemical reliability

ALPHA CVP-390V is a lead-free, zero-halogen, no-clean solder paste designed to provide advanced electrochemical Reliability in harsh operating conditions on fine pitched component packages. Its consistent print performance on all package configurations and board types, excellent transfer efficiency and wide reflow window on soak and ramp profiles enables maximum flexibility in manuf acturing under all process conditions.

Assembly processes that can gain from ALPHA CVP-390V include:

  • Assemblies requiring flexibility across multiple component types.

  • High reliability applications requiring excellent electrochemical reliability on fine pitch components in harsh operating conditions.

  • Assemblies requiring fine feature printability and increased manufacturing throughput.

Key Features

  • Superior electrochemical performance on fine pitched components to ensure reliability on complex PCB assemblies.

  • Ultimate flexibility in print and reflow process window.

  • Excellent coalescence down to 170 μm apertures on high density assemblies.

  • Exceptional pin testability to ensure first pass yields.

  • Robust performance for consistency across all packaging configurations.Compatible with SAC305 and Innolot high reliability alloy.

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