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MacDermid Alpha is a provider of high performing materials for PCB Assembly Solutions.
Their product range includes Solder Paste, Stencils, Solder Preforms, Liquid Soldering Flux, Soldering Alloys, Cored Wire and Nano Silver Sinter Technologies.

Over 30 Years of Knowledge, Experience & Service at the Forefront of Stencil Technology

Alpha Cut HR2 ... because small components are getting smaller

For improved printing performance:

  • Higher volume Repeatability

  • Better solder paste Release due to smoother aperture walls

  • Improved print definition on μBGA's, QFN's, 0201's,...

  • Longer stencil life time due to harder Stainless steel material

  • Available for all frame types and in all standard thicknesses

  • Proven in process capability studies and customer trials

  • Advised for stencils with low Area Ratio components


ALPHA® Step ... because big components are getting bigger


Precision Milled Stencils for optimal control of paste volume:

  • In-house production to secure the shortest lead-time

  • Better surface roughness values compared to etched step

  • Less paste smearing and reduced squeegee pressure

  • More flexibility in the design of the "Keep Out" area's

  • Step-up to increase volume, i.e. modules and large connectors

  • Step down to counter AR problems, i.e.  μBGA's and QFN's

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milled stencil.png

ALPHA® Design Rules ... for zero-defects in production

Advanced and automated aperture design modifications:

  • Valor ODB++ component recognition software

  • Automated Area Ratio check to avoid low paste volume

  • Paste powder size alert on every stencil

  • Advanced micro BGA design modifications

  • Fine pitch connector design to avoid bridging

  • Special aperture shapes for void reduction

  • Pin in Paste calculations and designs

  • Avoid mid chip solder balls by stencil design

  • Anti-tombstone designs on 0402 and 0201 chip components (vapor phase design)

Void paste release.jpg

ALPHA® I-Stencil ... for right on time stencil delivery's.

Free access to our online stencil management system:

  • History of all your stencils

  • Secure storage of stencil data and other data files associated with the board

  • Live status of open stencil orders, from receipt to delivery at your site

  • Place orders for stencil directly into Alpha’s production schedule

  • Minimise the information needed to order a stencil

  • Attach design data files needed to create a stencil

  • Confirm the cost of each stencil after we confirmed your order

  • Receive email status updates per different stages of the production process

  • Multiple engineers can access all jobs of the customer

  • Check online status of package


ALPHA Stencil products & Characteristics

Test our service - quality - performance and order the first test stencils at reduced prices


We also offer the opportunity to order standard (300 μm) or milled squeegees (120 μm) that we advice to use when working with step stencils. Download the squeegee specification form to place your order with all necessary details.

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