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Minimise Your Environmental Liability, Maximise the Value of Your Waste Materials

Environmental legislation specifies the importance of proper waste management, recovery and recycling techniques to reduce pressure on resources and improve their use. Due to these requirements and considering that metal waste is recyclable, it is now essential for you to have a reliable and efficient recycler. Alpha, a brand of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, offers a safe and efficient recycling service which helps companies to meet their environmental and legislative requirements and at the same time, maximize the value of their waste stream.

• Alpha’s experienced staff are dedicated to reclamation efforts and will maximize the amount of metal processed from your reclaim material. • Reclaim material sent to Alpha is carefully processed and no material that has a metal content is sent to a landfill.

• Alpha provides tough, sealable and disposable metal recycling buckets and drums.

• All shipments are lot traceable and certification can be provided on request.

• Alpha’s Certified Recycling Partner Program enables our customers to work with local partners operating throughout Europe who are legally
   authorized to collect waste from electronics assembly processes.

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Recycling Waste Streams

Wave Solder Dross and Hot Air Solder Level (HASL Dross)
Oxidation particles that form on the surface of molten metal (solder). This material can be skimmed off and recycled.


Solder Paste

Paste that has expired its shelf life or been removed from the stencil


Empty Paste Jars and Cartridges

Solder Bar and Wire

Expired solder bar and wire

Pot Dump and Contaminated Solder Bath

From wave and selective soldering machines. Generated primarily by wave solder or pre-tinning operations. When metallic impurities in the solder reach the critical level, problems such as dull or grainy joints appear, the solder bath is then emptied and refilled with the new solder.


Processed Anodes

Portion of anodes remaining after being consumed in an electroplating operation. Since there is little contamination of the alloy, high metallic return can be expected in the recycling process.


Solder Ingots and Industrial Alloys
Other scrap Tin alloys such as SnCu, SnAg, SnAgCu, SnPb, SnPbAg, SnBi, SnSb etc


Argomax® Scrap

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An Easy Step-by-Step Process

Alpha is one of the largest solder manufacturers and tin recyclers in Europe, with a dedicated network of Certified Recycling Partners that collect waste materials on behalf of Alpha adding an increased level of local support.


Rotec can provide recycling bins that are tough, sealable and disposable if required.

• To receive maximum value, all materials must be identified and separated by alloys
   (Sn63Pb37, SAC305, InnoLot, etc) and types (paste, dross, ingots etc).

• All buckets and drums need to be sealed before collection.

• Paste should be scraped directly onto collection pail.

• The preferred method is to segregate all materials on separate pallets.


Contact Rotec for a purchase order number and provide information on the type of material
(Pb-free dross, Sn63Pb37 paste, SAC305 dross, SACX paste etc) and net weight of each item.

• The Alpha identification number (OW number) and correct EWC code must be written on each pallet.

• If the waste is hazardous ADR labels need to be included.
Please use our dross reclaim form to sign up for your waste


Alpha’s recycling facility has all necessary permits for the receival of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.
• Alpha also has permits for the majority of the required EWC codes for the collection of waste.

• The classification of the waste according to the appropriate waste code (EWC) is the right and responsibility of the
   waste generator.

• Please contact your local Alpha sales office if you require Permits and to discuss which EWC code will be most


Rotec can help you with the arrangements of logistical processes so that they meet your schedule.
• Shipping documents will need to be completed by the customer.
• Please do not forget to send the original signed and stamped transport documentation together with the shipment.

• Please contact Rotec regarding special transport needs (eg. EKAER number).
• Alpha is experienced in waste management and supports our Certified Recycling Partners with the legalized
   collection process for various metal waste streams. Please contact Rotec if you need help regarding the paperwork.


Customers will receive confirmation of arrival of the waste at Rotec’s facility and confirmation of the weight and quality of the materials. Rotec’s process allows for prompt and accurate settlement by bank transfer once materials are received and recycled at our reclamation facility.

Certified Recycling Partner Program

Alpha is working with local reclaim collection businesses across Europe and has created a network of partners to provide increased support for our customers. Alpha’s Certified Recycling Partner (CRP) Program allows customers to arrange collection of reclaim materials with a local partner. The partners are certified by Alpha and are legally authorized to collect metal waste, as well as other waste from the electronics assembly process, and hold all necessary permits. Customers can ship material directly to Alpha, or contact the CRP to arrange collection of material in Alpha approved collection containers. The Certified Recycling Partner arranges the necessary paperwork and documentation. The Certified Recycling Partner collects the prepared waste material directly from the customer, and ships it directly to Alpha’s recycling facility. 



Q: Can I ship liquids or paste flux?
A: No liquids of any kind are accepted. This includes paste flux which contains no metal material.


Q: Can Rosin from paste be recycled?

A: Rosin from solder paste is not recyclable and will need to be sent to an official company with the capability to dispose of Rosin.


Q: Is dross a hazardous waste?
A: This decision should be made by the generator. Alpha recommends leaded waste is hazardous and lead-free waste is non-hazardous.

Q: How is pricing established?
A: Pricing is typically based on the London Metals Exchange (LME) metals price on the day of arrival.

Please contact Rotec sales office for a quotation. Rotec cannot control the prices of its Certified Recycling Partners. The CRP use their own pricing guidelines.

Q: How much of the waste can be reused by Alpha?
A: 100% of the collected metal is recyclable by Alpha and most of the tin scrap is reusable within Alpha Europe. If it cannot be recycled in Europe, it will be sent to our Alpha recycling site in the Americas.


Q: How should I start the collection of the dross?
A: Rotec can provide certified, sealable bins for the collection of dross.


Q: Can I collect all the dross (different alloys) together?

A: To receive the maximum value, all materials must be collected separately by alloy and types.

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