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Front foils are screen-printed and/ or digitally printed on the back
and applied to the housing of devices and machines



  • Because the ink layer is on the back of the foil, the printing on the front is wear-resistant and protected against damage, grease, moisture and dirt.

  • A matt textured surface prevents fingerprints and reflections.

  • Indelible, scratch-resistant and tear-resistant.

  • Flexible when pressed.

  • Fast and cost-efficient production of unique items, small quantities and prototypes thanks to digital printing.

  • Variable data printing possible: numbering in ascending order, barcoding, QR codes, etc…

  • Extremely fine printing of photo details and complex colour gradients.

  • Economic production of large quantities through screen printing.

  • Resistant to damage, grease, moisture, dirt, scratches and wear.

  • Both large runs (punching) and small runs (cutting) are possible.

  • Push buttons can be embossed


  • Polyester (180 micron)

  • Polycarbonate (125, 250 or 375 micron)

  • PVC (anti-reflective layer possible)

  • Other bare materials available on request

Display windows:

  • It is possible to make water clear window to dull foils (for displays).
    These windows have high hardness (high scratch resistance) and chemical resistance.

  • Colored (dull transparent and water clear transparent) windows, for LEDs and displays.


By default, UV resistance of windows are not provided, so the outdoor application requires different technology.

Keys embossing:

Buttons of the keyboard and the front foils can be made with different patterned and height embossing.

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