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Soldering Fumes are Unbreathable

The fumes generated from melting solder especially solder containing Lead or Tin present are dangerous and require local ventilation to remove harmful fumes from the work area.

Soldering application need to be properly ventilated to prevent toxic fumes from reaching the worker's breathing zone. There are a number of different industries such as the electronics assembly industry and electronics repair companies who must deal with the hazards of solder fumes and other harmfull solvents.

Small volumes of smoke generated during soldering or the spread of solvents during coating or potting applications are often ignored. However, these applications still require careful consideration as dangerous fumes can impair employee’s respiratory tracts and general health and safety.

Because many applications today require working with tiny components, workers end up positioning their heads right above toxic rosin, lead solder fumes and solvents with a direct exposure into their throat, nasal passages and lungs, and as a result, they can experience respiratory complications.

How to Protect Your Employees

Rotec recommends installing fume extraction equipment of Metcal to prevent the inhalation of dangerous fumes. For more information contact one of our sales represenatives or check out information on the link below:



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