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  • Quiet unit

  • Portable, single user unit

  • No external ducting or compressor needed

  • Powerful 85 m3/h airflow rate

  • Unit easily fits on and under any workbench

  • Innovative adaptor transforms the plenum into an arm

  • Immediate extraction of fumes, particles and vapors

  • Two filtration configurations: heavy soldering & light dust or light duty organic solvent and adhesive applications

  • Bi-colored LED light indicates when the filters are blocked and require replacing



  • Two station arm design for dynamic fume extraction

  • Quiet brushless motor

  • Complete portability, placed under or next to the bench-top

  • For use with 2 Arms Ø 50 mm (2") or 1 arm Ø 63 mm (2.5")

  • Main filter has a HEPA efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 micron, and an activated carbon filter to remove additional gases

  • Deep-bed gas filter for high capacity of gas filtration, such as cleaning with solvents or conformal coatings

  • Audible alarm informs operators when filters need replacing

  • Easy access bench-top on/off remote switch


  • High performance extraction directly from the tip of any iron

  • Easy extraction network

  • configuration for up to 8 benches

  • Complete portability

  • Designed for under-bench installation

  • Main filter has a HEPA efficiency of 99.97 % at 0.3 micron, and an activated carbon filter to
    remove gases

  • Both pre- and main- filter can be changed independently

  • Plug-and-play ducting system for simple, flexible low cost solution and fast installations

  • Universal hose connection kit


  • Digital Speed Control

  • Deep Pleat Pre-Filter

  • Blower with high airflow and pressure

  • 3 stage filtration

  • Built in silencing

  • Long life filters with low replacement costs

  • Remote speed control

  • Remote Start/Stop Interface

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