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Take your underwipe cleaning process to the next level with Hyproclean Underwipe rolls

Benefits of Hyproclean SMT under-stencil cleaners

Hyproclean SMT stencil roll technology takes your underwipe cleaning process to the next level, especially specially in ultra fine pitch situations & μBGA 's.

The fabric with pocket structure traps the solder paste and balls within the fibres unlike paper products where the paste stays on the surface creating potential for contamination as the paste dries out.

Benefits of Hyproclean include:

  • Faster PCB cleaning

  • Minimal solvent use

  • Superior vacuum air flow

  • Made from 100% Polypropylene fibres, No Cellulose No Rayon, No Polyester and No Loose Fibres

  • Fully recyclable stencil cleaning product

  • Cheaper compared to rayon or cellulose polyester

Environmental and production advantages

As well as being 100 percent recyclable, Hyproclean products also ensure an eco-friendly stencil cleaning process – they contain no cellulose, polyester, PVC, or rayon.

The non-woven structure of the cleaning rolls has production benefits, too. Hyproclean products won’t shed loose fibres, which can obstruct solvent jets. They also reduce the risk of machine jams because they don’t swell in use.

SMT stencil cleaning versatility

Hyproclean under-stencil cleaning rolls are suitable for a wide range of SMT screen printers from different manufacturers, including:

  • Panasonic

  • MPM

  • Speedprint

  • FUJI

  • Ekra

  • Yamaha

  • Minami

  • Hitachi

  • SJ Inno Tech

  • DEK



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