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New ELPEGUARD® thick film coating Twin-Cure® DSL 1602 FLZ/400 for rapid UV LED curing

Curing in a matter of seconds with energy-saving UV LEDs is enabled by ELPEGUARD® thick film coating Twin-Cure® DSL 1602 FLZ/400. Its coating layer is tack-free, and thus in-line capable, just after UV curing.

Essential benefits of UV LED modules are made use of here: These are much more effective and energy-saving than common mercury vapour lamps, cooler when operated, and their lifetime is by far longer. Since the harmful ozone and UVC loads are eliminated, there is a lower hazard for the operator.

Twin-Cure® DSL 1602 FLZ/400 is particularly cost-effective due to short processing times: Functional checks and packaging are already possible shortly after UV LED curing, while the complementary chemical crosslinking reaction in shadow areas such as under components, contributes to optimising the properties by means of humidity from the atmosphere under room temperature.

Based on a solids content of 100 %, this system prevents any solvent/VOC emission and thus minimises environmental impacts.

The thick film coating Twin-Cure® DSL 1602 FLZ/400 combines the excellent final properties of a polyurethane system (UR) with those of the rapid UV LED curing unsaturated polyacrylates (AR) in a 1-pack copolymer which is distinguished by a strong performance under mechanical, chemical and climatic loads and extreme changes of temperature.

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