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Medical OEM Contract Cleaning

When it comes to making sure your medical devices are clean you want to use the best products available to achieve the most reliable results, no matter what the substrate. KYZEN works hand in hand with medical device manufacturers to solve cleaning challenges that make a difference in the final product.

When a global market leader in diagnostic imaging was required to clean a rigid-flex SMT assembly it was decided that although they use a no-clean solder paste, the device needed all flux residues to be removed from the PCB. The current facility had no cleaning capability on site so they needed someone they could trust to clean their parts to expectations, package them correctly and return them for the next step in the process. The process engineer assigned to the project contacted KYZEN to help find a solution to their cleaning problem!

After extensive evaluations and testing, a conveyorized spray-in-air wash process using AQUANOX proved the best way forward. The contract was awarded to KYZEN and soon after the parts were returned 100% clean! The benefits of this contract cleaning project were:

  • KYZEN provided the customer with a documented and approved process that delivered the desired performance of their imaging device.

  • KYZEN provided a quick turnaround time as so to not interrupt the production of the final product with a production (batch) rate.

  • KYZEN provided a dependable, repeatable, and scalable process moving forward.

  • KYZEN provided excellent yield rates.

With medical device cleaning, there are distinct categories that one could be specifically looking for, like precision metal cleaning, precision electronics cleaning, and precision optics and plastics cleaning. With precision metal cleaning our METALNOX product line would be able to clean a variety of metal substrates such as surgical equipment, needles, wire, test equipment, screws, and joints.

As electronics cleaning is one of the most demanding applications in the industry, we make products that are proven on over three hundred solder pastes including the latest lead-free products. Our AQUANOX product line continuously delivers excellent results on even the most difficult projects.

When looking to tackle things like lenses, fiber optics, flat glass, and other glass-based products our OPTISOLV line is the most effective. No matter what difficult cleaning problem you are facing when it comes to medical devices, KYZEN can deliver a solution that adds value to your deliverable end product!



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