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For Printed Circuit Boards: Peters Supplies Coloured Solder Resists

Picture: The coloured solder resists from the Peters Elpemer® 2467 product range meet highest quality requirements. Photo: Peter Roskothen

Anyone who is about to change the solder resist is on the safe side with Peters. All coloured Elpemer® versions of the 2467 series, too, meet highest requirements. Made in Germany by Peters - this is how the full-range supplier of coatings advertises for their manufacture of printed circuit boards.

These 2-component Elpemer® solder resists are used as high-tech coatings for electronics. Suppliers of state-of-the-art coating solutions for professional fields of application such as automotive, aerospace, consumer and industrial electronics, lighting electronics, medical technology, communication electronics and solar technology rely on these solder resists. Peters underlines their flexibility by taking into account the customer's specific requirements when selecting the Elpemer® ink system.

The solder resists from the Lower Rhine offer an environmentally compatible alternative for ink systems that still contain the harmful photoinitiators type 907 or 369. Peters Research has developed high-performance solder resist systems through an innovative and environmentally sensitive approach. On the one hand, their research results reflect the ecological challenge of PCB production while leaving out, on the other, the two substances that are of particular concern.

In the White Paper of substances subject to labelling under the REACH Regulation, the hazard potential of the critical photoinitiators types 907 and 369 has been marked. These two types no longer play a role in the Elpemer® solder resists supplied by Peters. REACH is the EU chemicals regulation; this abbreviation stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

The coloured Elpemer® solder resists from the Kempen-based chemical company's research department also exclusively claim the quality seal of digital and direct exposure permitting a high level of imaging accuracy and low clearance, for example around drill holes. These products are available in red, black, white and blue. According to Peters, the colour spectrum takes effect when it comes to appearance and design. This is the case, for example, when printed circuit boards are visible behind Plexiglas in the end device. Light reflection and colour stability are common Peters' standards anyway: The PCB literally shines and gives a high-quality effect.

Coloured Elpemer® resists are easy to apply

In addition, these circuit printing coatings are robust, thus defying temperature and humidity - almost regardless of their intensity. Furthermore, they are resistant to yellowing, highly current-resistant, easy-to-apply by spray or screen printing and, of course, halogen-free. Energy efficiency is particularly important in the LED sector. The colours are intense and have a high opacity.

Conclusion: Coloured Elpemer® solder resists made in Germany by Peters are reliable, widely applicable and guarantee the highest quality while being environmentally compatible. It is a product range that meets the increasing requirements of many industrial fields, such as e-mobility or LED technology. Peters provides samples and small series promptly at the customer's request.

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