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Fixed Temperature Process Control

For industries including Aerospace, Medical Devices, and the Military, Metcal SmartHeat technology removes temperature variability by taking the temperature control away from the operator and into the self-regulating tip. This guarantees soldering temperature within the engineering specification and removes the significant risk associated with poor solder joints.

Metcal SmartHeat Technology

The Metcal® cartridge is made of a heater of proprietary design, consisting of a non-heating copper core and an outer heating layer of magnetic alloy. The composition of the alloy predetermines the tip temperature.

  • An alternating current is passed over the heater, the magnetic alloy causes the current flow to become confined to the “skin.” This is the Skin Effect. The resulting high current density causes rapid heating.​

  • As it heats up, the magnetic alloy it reaches its fixed temperature, and it loses its magnetic properties. This eliminates the Skin Effect, causing the migration of current to the low-resistance non-heating copper core of the heater.​

  • As the tip cools slightly, the temperature falls below it fixed temperature and its magnetic properties are restored. The Skin Effect immediately returns, and heating begins again, repeating the cycle. ​

  • Thus, the tip self-regulates itself, maintaining constant temperature (±1.1°C).

Advantages of SmartHeat™ Fixed Temperature:

  • Improves process control

  • No temperature overshoot which can damage components and boards

  • Temperature repeatability

  • No calibration

  • Extremely fast time to temperature and temperature recovery




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