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Brady ALF14 Label-Feeder

Cost-effective traceability automation by using your pick & place equipment

Fast, efficient and easy to use, the ALF14 label Feeder offers automated label application at affordable prices. Labels are simply treated like any other component and placed with the accuracy of your pick and place machine. Its compact and durable design allows for flexibility and simplicity, bringing automated traceability within everyone’s reach.

ALF14 Label Feeder Benefits

Fast & Efficient

  • Easy label loading, machine loading and set up saves time

  • Fast sensing and dispensing that keeps up with your pick and place machine

  • Automates SMT Line traceability at a low cost


  • One model suitable for a wide range of label sizes

  • Adjustable liner width allows for liner variance and avoids downtime

  • Modular system, no need to replace the entire feeder if you change your pick and place machine

Engineering simplicity

  • Compact size, requiring only limited feeder space

  • Simple, robust design with great durability keeps your lines running

  • Signal interface allows for easy machine compatibility

Labels, tape & dots for auto-apply suitable for SMT lines

  • Polymide labels (high temperature & chemical resistant)

  • Kapton dots / masking tape

  • Smallest label size: 4 x 4 mm

Supported Pick and Place Machines: ASM Siplace, Assembleon, Essemtec, Fuji, Heeb Inotec, Juki, MyCronic (MyData), Samsung, Universal, Yamaha,...

Download the brochure of Brady ALF14 labelfeeder below

Download PDF • 202KB



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