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Control your solder paste volume with Alpha multi-level step stencils

ALPHA® Step Multi-level, Step Stencil Technology offers the SMT engineer significant flexibility in achieving the right solder paste volume deposit for devices with markedly diverse paste requirement. They can provide additional paste height in selected areas of the PCB (step-up stencils) or reduced height deposits in other areas (step down stencils). Design "keep out area" rules must be adhered to when incorporating step areas into a stencil. Thanks to our milling technology keep out areas are reduced to a minimum.

Step-up areas Used to increase the volume and height of the solder deposit. Useful for ‘pin in paste’ and large format devices with coplanarity consistency problems. Examples: modules with castellated holes, large connectors, ... Typical step-up heights from 150 to 200 microns are feasible.

Step-down areas Used to reduce the volume and height of the paste deposit (or possibly increase the volume depending on aperture area ratio and transfer efficiency). Useful to improve Deposit Volume Repeatability in fine line and micro package attachment.

Examples: μBGA's, QFN's

Typical step-down areas from 100 to 60 microns are feasible.

With our inhouse production capacity we can achieve fast delivery times.

If you experience paste volume issues don't hesitate to contact us.



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