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Brady offers a wide range of labels for general industrial applications. We support the full range of Brady labels, thermal transfer printers, scanners and software to supply our customers the most complete system identification solutions.

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Automate your identification

If you’re still using old technology, the time to get work done seems to disappear.
Old processes slow you down, rework creates bottlenecks and errors can bring things to a full stop. Help keep things running smoothly by automating your identification.

Brady offers a family of print-and-apply machines that take the manual labelling process out of your hands so you can move through your work more efficiently and with less rework.


With these modern automated machines, you can:

Increase productivity
   cut labelling time in half to keep your output numbers high


Reduce errors
  Get sustainable, consistent identification without the rework

• Make changes fast

Wraptor A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator

• Speed up production in cellular manufacturing
• Easy to transport, set up and operate
• Compact design fits well at workstations

Wrap-around labels
For cellular manufacturing and process-driven assembly, workstation flexibility is key to improving workflows. Here’s your opportunity to finally get what you need. Designed to increase efficiency, the Wraptor A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator:

• fits into tight spaces
• can be moved easily
• prints and wraps wires in 7 seconds


This makes the Wraptor A6200 a high-value, labour-saving solution that’s automated - and affordable

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