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Brady Material Change Notification


New polyimide labels - Better identification of printed circuit boards and components

Our partner Brady is committed to providing its customers with the best products, services and total solutions.
to further expand their range of glossy polyimide materials (high temperature resistance labels) the top layer of these materials have been improved to make them more resistant to the most aggressive cleaning processes, every time.

Thanks to the new top layer, these materials are clearer to print with small fonts and more resistant to chemicals.
The materials can be printed on lower temperatures, extending the life of the printer as well.

You have received an e-mail from Rotec this change also will have effect on one or more label parts 
you are currently ordering with us.

In order to ensure a smooth transition we offer you the possiblity to request a sample for internal validation.

Therefore we would like to ask you to fill in the form below.


Contact Details

Request for samples polyimide labels with new and improved top layer

Note: The details of the affected parts are known to us,  it's not necessary to share any part information with us in order to provide samples.

Thanks for your submission !

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